Thursday, March 08, 2007

Right And Wrong

Oh it's been a while, that's for sure. But I'd like to look back at where I think I was right and where I think I was wrong in respect to each team's placing and likely finish this regular season. Shall we?


Buffalo - I figured they'd do really good this year, they did not disappoint. Kudos, Mr. Ruff.

New Jersey - I thought they might drop off with the talent issue, but truth be told they are almost identical to last year, and that got them about just as far. Still, it won't work in the playoffs.

Atlanta - I knew they'd improve, but they currently lead the division and that's impressive. They are poised to make the playoffs for the first time in their history

Ottawa - I wasn't sure what they'd become, but I knew their goaltending would suffer. It did until they realized Emery was the solution. I'm still iffy on how well they can do in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh - Out of nowhere, one of the worst teams for years will definitely make it and could surprise people, amazing story and hopefully they don't move.

Tampa Bay - If not for some good games by Holmqvist, they'd be done. They still aren't a lock to make it but I don't imagine they can last past the first round with that defense.

NY Islanders - I thought Snow's move would ruin this team, yet they challenge for a spot now. Way above expectations.

Toronto - Not much different from last year, just more impressive with mostly youth, still not guaranteed to make it.

Carolina - They're gonna have to be strong to get back in, and it would be amazing if the Cup winner couldn't return.

Montreal - Things were going good but injuries have changed their fortune for the worse.

NY Rangers - Shanny should have elevated this team, but without him they are a shell of no leadership.

Boston - Not surprised they haven't pulled it off yet. They're at least a year away from making it again.

Florida - So much should have gone better, but it did not. The Luongo trade totally backfired and it has kept them down again.

Washington - Ovechkin was a show. Semin added to it. But that's it, no real team around them exists, and until it does they'll go nowhere.

Philadelphia - Wow, I thought they might do worse but not THIS bad. They're in major rebuilding mode now.


Nashville - Most impressive. Figured they'd be even better with their additions but they're really not messing around.

Anaheim - Picked up where they left off, when you acquire Pronger, you will be this good.

Vancouver - I knew Luongo would help them but he's done more here than he ever did in Florida. Without him, they are nothing.

Detroit - A favorite every year, they never quit and I never count them out. Fantastic drafting ability.

San Jose - The team that actually outdrafted Detroit, maybe only in 2003 but what a year it was. When the "vets" fail, the youth comes alive.

Dallas - Still in there, I'm waiting for some kind of collapse next year, I just don't see them keeping it up.

Calgary - Still in its window of opportunity but still refuses to score goals.

Minnesota - Well done to return to the playoffs, glad to see a fan base this good get it back.

Colorado - Again I knew they might drop off but they will likely miss this year for the first time ever since moving to Colorado, it almost feels wrong.

St. Louis - Not bad for a team that finished horribly last year, they have a bright future.

Edmonton - Knew Pronger's loss would hurt but not this much, they won't make it this year and without Smyth, their heart is gone.

Columbus - Nothing out of the ordinary. Never been good and I wonder when they ever will be.

Chicago - Had such promise with Havlat but it's not enough, really needs to overcome this.

Phoenix - Another dismal year, moreso than before. Gretzky is destroying this team.

L.A. - Pathetic, they lost it all but still have bright future ahead as well, still surprised to see them at the bottom.